MULTYDEX® products in best practices of ice cream production

11/23/2018 INDUSTRY NEWS

The expert presented to ice cream manufacturers a new range of MultyDex products: maltodextrins and dry glucose syrups and spoke about their application in the food industry, and in particular in the production of ice cream.

Speaking about the broad possibilities of the use of maltodextrins MultyDex in food and infant formula recipes, the expert advised that MultyDex 18, MultyDex Sun 12 and MultyDex Sun 20 (MultyDex Sun 20 AG) are best suited for ice cream production. In the course of his presentation the expert elaborated on the description of their technological advantages and key features for the production of ice cream. 

For example, he told about the ability of these products to regulate the energy value, viscosity and density of ice cream, freezing temperature of water in ice cream, to maintain its consistency under different conditions, improve air incorporation and organoleptic properties, including the enhancement of the “creamy” taste. Summing up the report, the expert informed that the range of products MultyDex allows you to get various kinds of high quality ice cream, at the same time increasing the efficiency of its production.



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