Gulkevichsky Starch Plant started to produce the dry glucose syrup with dextrose equivalent more than 30

05/27/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
Gulkevichsky Starch Plant is constantly working on new products for the MultyDex® line.

From the 11th of April the plant’s product range has expanded with a line of glucose syrups with varying degrees of sweetness: MultyDex® Sun 33 and MultyDex® Sun 38.

The dry glucose syrup is a mix of food saccharides (glucose, disaccharides and polysaccharides) that is produced from natural raw source – corn.

The dry glucose syrups MultyDex® are natural ingredients used as sweeteners in the production of a variety of foods, such as ice creams, sorbets, confectionery, frozen and convenience foods, baby foods, as well as sauces, beverages and others.

The Gulkevichsky team is looking for partners and associates to implement ideas on the use of dry glucose syrup and maltodextrin.


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