Two billion rubles have ben invested into the modernization of the Kuban starch factory

11/19/2018 COMPANY NEWS
Original: Press Service of the Administration of the Krasnodar Region

Today one of the leading processing enterprises of the region opened a production line for the high-tech goods for the food industry.

– ‘The ability to produce maltodextrin makes your plant a strategic facility not only for our region, but also across Russia. You make it from domestic raw materials, therefore competing with Chinese and European manufacturers. And, most importantly, you can satisfy the demand of the Russian market in this additive. This is exactly what we call the import substitution,’ highlighted Veniamin Kondratyev.

The enterprise capacity allows processing of about 370 tons of corn kernels per day. The main shareholder Ivan Tyryshkin announced that in the first quarter of next year the plant is expected to reach its full capacity. In addition to the above, the products meet the highest quality standards.

– ‘This is not purely maltodextrin, but products for the baby food and breast milk substitutes manufacture, where the requirements are significantly higher. And we are delighted that our plant built in the Krasnodar Region, the most modern in Russia, meets these requirements,’ Ivan Tyryshkin emphasized.

He highlighted that Kuban created the most favourable conditions for the implementation of such investment projects.

– ‘The amount of investments over the past two years is quite significant – about two billion Rubles. Being aware of the fact that the Region is prepared to support us, we, as shareholders, decided to develop production in the region,’ the representative of the company added. ‘In the future, we would like to increase the capacity of corn processing to 700 tons per day.’

Veniamin Kondratyev noted that the expansion of the enterprise will contribute to the economic growth of the municipality and the welfare of its residents.

– ‘We are interested in long-term cooperation. The number of jobs that will appear, taxes to the budgets of different levels are fundamental moments for the development of the economy of the district and the whole Region,’ the Governor summed up.

To recall, today the production of high-tech products for the food industry in the premises of Starch Factory Gulkevichsky has been officially launched. The company has been modernised as part of the agreement signed in 2016 at the All-Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. The amount of investments in the project amounted to about 1.9 billion Rubles. Tax revenues of the plant to the consolidated budget of the region last year amounted to 240 million Rubles. It is forecasted that in 2019 the amount will increase to 570 million Rubles.

Press service of the Administration of the Krasnodar Region


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