Scientific activity of RUSTARK in Skolkovo

03/21/2022 COMPANY NEWS
RUSTARK signed a contract to extend the status of Skolkovo resident in 2022 - 2025.

RUSTARK continues the work of the scientific laboratory in Skolkovo, a new contract for 2022 has been signed.

In 2021 the rules for expert selection for obtaining the status of a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center have changed. To do this, the company must be involved in innovative activities, create new products and technologies, conduct scientific and laboratory research. Resident status gives access to mentoring support and investments, the opportunity to participate in receiving support in the form of grants, and participate in Skolkovo scientific and business events. Obtaining such a title also means high professionalism and technological advantage of the company, confirms its qualifications and reputation.

RUSTARK opened its research and development (R&D) department in Skolkovo in 2019. Under the leadership of Andrey Nevsky (Head of Research and Development Department ), research is being conducted here in the field of maltodextrin application in various industries, as well as the search for new formulas for the production of RUSTARK premium products.

The laboratory is improving the technologies for the use of enzyme preparations, searching for new opportunities for the use of maltodextrin in children's and sports nutrition.

«Due to growing demand from research and scientific companies it becomes more difficult to obtain the status of a Skolkovo resident, as the Skolkovo Foundation improves the selection criteria, introduces changes to the regulations on the status and rules for the activities of a resident. The requirements are very high, only companies with transparent reporting and receiving income only from research and its commercialization, as well as regularly submitting reports on the results achieved to the Foundation, can continue their work in the status of a Resident.

RUSTARK confirmed its status and passed the next stage of expert selection, in connection with which the contract with the management of the Skolkovo center was extended for another year. Work for the benefit of the country's agriculture, which is important for import substitution, will continue in full».

Andrey Nevsky

Head of Research and Development Department

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