A new RUSTARK brand enters the market

Starch plant Gulkevichsky announced a rebranding. The new name of the brand now is RUSTARK.

In 2022, Starch plant Gulkevichsky LLC rebranded the enterprise, starting a new year with the new stage for the company. This is a long-awaited planned step in the company's strategy to enter the global market and reposition the plant's products.

The main tasks and prospects of the new brand were announced by Roman Kozyrev, Chief executive officer of RUSTARK LLC.

«We have reached the moment when we need to make a serious breakthrough. The products of the Gulkevichsky plant successfully compete with world brands which means that our hard work has paid off. Now recognition and further desire to achieve high results are important. The strong and successful RUSTARK brand will undoubtedly distinguish us from competitors in the Russian and international markets. Our plans include expanding the range of products, increasing production capacities, increasing offers for raw materials, focusing on international trade. We plan to introduce innovative technological solutions and offer new products for our consumers. At the same time, the name change will not be only nominal, we will improve customer service, quality control and pay great attention to proper logistics».

Roman Kozyrev

Chief executive officer

The new name of the company is part of an extensive investment program, which aims to make the company not only a leader of the region, but also the world's largest manufacturer in the field of starch derivatives. From February 2022, the RUSTARK brand enters the market, continuing the tradition of quality, but at the same time supporting innovation.

The new name opens a new page in the history of the enterprise.

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